What actions of blackjack players lead to losses?

What actions of blackjack players lead to losses?

In theory, it all seems very simple – find a suitable strategy in the virtual casino and start playing exactly as indicated in the table. But the harsh reality makes adjustments.

Most novice players begin to include imagination, connect their intuition, and make all those steps that in practice only increase the benefits of the gambling establishment. Oh, already these tips from friends and so on. As a result, we not only do not get the winnings but also go to a serious loss. 

We hasten to assure the reader that players make mistakes not only in the optimal strategy – mistakes are made at many other stages of the game. 

Let’s go over them briefly and warn you against mistakes.

Is copying the dealer’s moves the way to victory?

The clients who are well acquainted with blackjack, copying the dealer’s actions by novice players causes only a smile. But the misconception that repeating the dealer’s actions will help you win is alive and well. 

It does not work and we will tell you why.

  • It’s because the dealer is incapable of making decisions of his own accord – he’s not a fully fledged player, but an employee of the casino, whose actions are prescribed by the rules. 
  • For example, he won’t take a card if he has 17 points and everyone else on the table has 18 or more, for example. 
  • Sarrenda, double or split – all of which he won’t use either. 
  • So if you don’t want to get in trouble, lose, or look ridiculous, you shouldn’t do that.

Trying to count cards without experience is a road to nowhere

Most sources, including our website, explicitly states that counting cards, in theory, the thing is not complicated and accessible to almost anyone, even not particularly strong in mathematics. But this is no more than theory, which, let us remind you, is hindered by not so rosy practice.

Lack of experience does not allow you to effectively count cards and at the same time to hide your actions from the ubiquitous security service of the gambling establishment. Not everyone can count cards in practice, and if your intentions are noticed, you will be simply kicked out of the casino. 

Our recommendation – before you take up counting cards you should think several times whether you are ready to do it.

Counting cards while sitting in front of a computer monitor

It seems that we have already told on our website that counting cards in virtual gambling establishments a priori makes no sense. No? Let’s remember together.

It’s quite simple – card counting is effective only if the dealer discards the played cards. Thus, with skill and practice, you can calculate the ratio of profitable and disadvantageous cards in the remaining deck. In online casinos, however, there are not even any cards, and the machine automatically mixes all the designations with the rest, and they can be repeated. Each new deal starts with a full deck.

Is the most profitable seat at the table a myth?

Here it is debatable and in offline as well as online casinos it is better to act differently. Let’s say if you come to a real gambling establishment and plan to count cards then it’s definitely better for you to go for the last boxes – that way you can see more cards played before you make your final decision.

That’s beside the point in a virtual casino, where you can play any seat you like without considering the odds, because they don’t get any lower or higher. In principle, if you’re not a card-counting person, you can take any seat you like at the table in an offline gambling establishment.

Harmful Tips

Are you sure you’re doing the right thing in the game? Don’t pay any attention to outside advice. Oh, you’ll have to face a lot of detractors who will claim that, while on the last box, it was you who took a card that, in theory, could have led to an overcall from the dealer.

Just as often your partners will tell you to draw another card and “that way everybody wins. Don’t listen to anyone, just focus on the basic strategy, and don’t deviate from it a single step. Generally, at the beginning of your career to take any independent action in isolation from the strategy is not recommended – it can be done only after you come to experience.

Insurance will save you?

Rather, strictly on the contrary – blackjack insurance will only lead to additional losses. If the dealer opens an ace, a lot of players panic and follow the dealer’s lead in offering blackjack insurance. In fact, the insurance is not just disadvantageous, but very disadvantageous to the customer, so it should be refused.

Only if you don’t count cards. If you have a rough idea of what cards are left in the deck and the situation is not in your favor, then insurance is justified – but only if you know exactly what you’re doing.

Sarrenda – Is It Worth Using?

Definitely worth it. Sarrenda is, as we know, giving up half of a bet. Beginners are often reluctant to give up money even when the situation is extremely unfavorable. A favorable outcome in this case is something akin to believing in a miracle. However, statistics, as they say, you can not cheat – in each table of the basic strategy is a specific indication of when it is worth it to give up on the continuation of the game with the remaining half of the bet.

Deviation from the recommendations of the basic strategy is not recommended, and not recommended categorically, intuition is a very bad adviser here. It is enough to remember that you are not the first and, accordingly, not the last, it is always better to trust the opinion of professionals.

Universal betting systems

We have a great overview material describing why Parlay, Martingale and other bets do not work. And this is not idle speculation – it has been proven by experienced players, programmers, backing up the calculations with indisputable results. However, despite the sensible arguments, all these bets not only enjoy popularity, they even manage to sell them on the Internet. If you play blackjack and roulette, know that all these bets will not help you equally in either case. As a final note, the size of the bet can only be determined by your ability (read: the size of your bankroll) and your card account, if you keep one. All other criteria are extremely irrelevant.

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