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Las Vegas Casinos Are About to Change Their Policies

In the summer of 2021, Las Vegas will host a new hotel-casino that might limit or even ban smoking on its territory. Resorts World Las Vegas will not be the first establishment that will prohibit smoking on the territory of the casino. If you are an Australian you already are prohibited from smoking at local casinos. If you want to gamble and smoke you will have to do it online at sites like Casino Woo.  

But why would casinos limit or even ban smoking? The reason for that is the desire of casinos to attract new visitors with a new idea. Only time will tell whether this concept will bring more visitors or make them choose other places that allow smoking. 

Another concept that is being developed is an age restriction. Some casinos are planning to introduce casinos for adults that will allow people of only over 21 years to go in. People under 21, however, will still be able to visit special restaurants near casinos. Right now, two casinos in Las Vegar have implemented the age restrictions — Circa and Cromwell. 

Many casinos in Las Vegas are inventing new ideas to attract new clients and make extra money after the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. As for the age restrictions, it is believed that it will perform better in small hotels but not in big cities with millions of citizens and locals. 

Six months ago, Park MGM, one of the most popular resort hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, announced that their hotel would be for non-smokers. At the same time, Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas banned smoking in public places. However, they did not prohibit smoking in the casino itself. The same strategy will be implemented in Resorts World. 

Why did MGM prohibit smoking in its territory? According to the MGM administration, they had to make this decision because of the constant complaints of the visitors. Non-smokers have the ultimate right to breathe in the fresh air, and smokers will be allowed to smoke the special smoking areas but will be prohibited to do so in public places. 

Is Smoking Getting Old?

A healthy lifestyle is winning. A member of the “Americans for non-smokers’ rights” association said that young people do not want to visit or work in casinos that allow smoking anymore. A new generation is concerned about its health and well-being a lot more than older people who attend casinos. 

A lot of casinos support this point of view and are ready to protect the rights of non-smokers, providing for their employees and visitors healthy conditions. Right now, there is no federal regulation of smoking in casinos, and each owner will have the right to choose the best model. There are over a thousand casinos across the country, and many of them have special conditions for non-smokers. 

The state of Nevada has long been fighting for the rights of non-smokers. Back in 2005, the locals supported the law on the clean air in the premises that prohibited smoking in some public places, but not in casinos. However, the advocates for smoking in the casino say that a smoking ban will make casinos lose money as many smokers will go to other places. They claim that non-smoking casinos may end up losing up to 20% of their revenue.

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