Is it possible to make money on bets?

Is it possible to make money on bets?

You can earn between 30 and 50% per annum. If you meet people/kappers who say that they raise up to 1000% per year, and here you are happily rubbing hands in the hope of easy earnings, then I hasten to disappoint you, there is no such percentage of profitability. Trust me, if it were that easy, these people would never share with you any information, and they would just relax somewhere in St. Tropez and not worry about you, offering/forcing you to buy their predictions for a penny.

You can start making money on bets only if you are ready to devote yourself fully to it, devoting yourself to studying and testing various strategies. The worst thing that can happen to a player at the first stage is if he gets a few bets in a row. The player begins to overconfess himself, there are thoughts in his head: “Why did I go to work at all, if it is so easy to make money on bets?”

Typically, after that the player bets either all-in or a very large amount, hoping to make quick money and, of course, all losses. Absolutely everyone goes through it and it is a normal situation, the main thing is to make the right conclusions and to build your own strategy, which will allow to earn money on bets.

How to earn in sports betting?

As mentioned earlier, a player must build his own strategy. This strategy should necessarily include the following:

  • Bank management. A player must determine the amount of money he is willing to invest in bets. The maximum bet size should also be defined, at the first stages, it should not exceed 5%.
  • Catch-up strategy. Do not use the strategy “overtake”, at least until 1000 made bets, ie until you can objectively assess whether this strategy will suit you. Do not believe the beautiful stories that “overtaking” is the only strategy for making money in sports betting. For beginner players, this strategy should be called “fast deposit drain”.
  • Re-betting. Do not make 2 bets on the same event. Many, after a failed bet, have in their minds the idea of a quick wagering. It is better to take a break and analyze the failed bet, only after you are confident in the next bet – make it.
  • Overbetting Bets. Overweight bets are hard for beginner bettors to find, but they are the key to successful betting and one of the key factors in making money over the distance. In order to find overweight bets, you should only focus on one sport. Begin your analysis not with the bookmaker’s line, but with the event itself, i.e. without the odds presented. Put your own odds, then compare them with the bookmaker’s odds. If you are sure that the bookmaker has underestimated one of the athletes or one of the teams, then bet.
  • Sites with sports prediction. There are many, useful free sports prediction sites in runet. Consider them as a recommendation, not as an indication for action. You should not buy sports forecasts, their forecasts are absolutely no different from free ones. If you do not have a capper to whose advice you listen, you can rely on our independent “Capper Rating”. It is located on the left side of this resource.
  • Use various useful services. It is not necessary to buy anything, there are many useful free tools. 
  • By complying with these requirements, the likelihood of success in terms of your betting earnings will be much higher. The main thing is to understand that this is a sport in which Barcelona can also lose to an outsider.

What you should definitely NOT do:

  • Betting on the “after-goal”. If the first and second time bookmaker will forgive the player for betting the outcome of which was known to the player in advance, the subsequent times the punishment will be cutting the maximum or blocking the account.
  • Create several accounts.
  • “Wagging.” The attitude of bookmakers to waggers is the same as to “after-goalers”.
  • Contribute money not from their bank cards and e-wallets.

Register a new account in the name of your girlfriend, wife, mother, aunt or grandmother. If a player’s account has been blocked, then on no account should you open it for women who are not versed in betting. Since when you win and try to withdraw money, it is very likely that the bookmaker will ask for identification. They will ask what exactly was the reason for this or that bet, what is the difference between P1 and P2?

Is it really possible to earn on bets?

To sum up this article, which describes how much can be earned on bets and how to do it. It should be said that bets are suitable only for those who are not just fond of sports, but with all seriousness and consciousness approach to betting. Gamblers will not be able to make money on bets, in this case, it is necessary to weigh each of their actions. Often there is a situation where a player earns a whole month for a bet, and then within a day manages to drain the entire bank.

Also you need to understand that earning an average of 5-10% a month on bets, you need to have a large game bank. So weigh up the pros and cons and only then decide whether to take the plunge or just leave it alone and bet just for fun. Good luck with your bets!

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