How to earn on sports betting

How to earn on sports betting?

There are a number of betting schemes and the risk in them varies according to the desired amount of earnings. The more money you want, the higher the risk, the bigger the investment, the harder it is to make a profit. We recommend starting by trying your hand with a small bank, setting the goal – to achieve a surplus over a long distance, for example – the end of the month or quarter. If you succeed, you can increase the number of bets and additions.

Betting on sports – earnings for smart people. Therefore, do not believe the scammers, offering guaranteed earnings on bets, “iron bets”, the sale of match-fixing and betting by cappers, who regularly win at odds of 10.0 and above. As soon as you see something like this or pictures with cool cars, yachts, hundred dollar bills earned on bets, know – scammers are working. Earnings from betting without risk are possible, but not on such a scale as to buy yachts and cars.

Features of online betting

Internet betting has opened for players the possibility to compare quotations and lines of many bookmakers, which became available for bettors all over the world. Bookmakers try to stick to the same approach in the preparation of the line when placing odds, but still from time to time they have deviations from the general line, which are used by “whips” – bettors who play on arbitrage bets.

Earnings on the Internet for betting without risk is only possible on arbitrage bets. However, the arbitrage betting scheme is unlikely to appeal to those looking for easy money in bookmakers, because the risk is still present. Bookmakers for the most part do not like “whips” and apply severe sanctions to players who engage in arbitrage betting, and in addition, love to cancel bets even without a logical reason for that.

How to earn on sports betting

So, what are arbitrage bets or “forks”? “Fork” is a situation when the balance between the odds on the same match is lost in two bookmakers’ offices. For example, if a bookmaker usually gives odds not higher than 1.95-1.95 for two equally likely outcomes for opposite outcomes, a “fork” is a case where one office gives 2.1 for the victory of one athlete and 2.05 for the other. In this case, betting the same amount on both, the bettor will receive guaranteed profit. For instance, betting 10,000 dollars each will pay 1000 dollars if the former wins and 500 if the latter wins. Yes, the amounts seem paltry, but in this case there is almost no risk.

Scheme of earning on arbitrage bets

The case described above is ideal in its own way, but arbitrage bets most often do not occur in such an obvious way. The main condition is that when adding up the probabilities there is a guaranteed “backlash” on which you can make money. How to calculate this backlash? There is a special formula for this – you need to divide one by each of the found quotes and add up the results – if the amount will be less than one – there is a “fork”, otherwise there is no arbitrage bet.

For example, you have found the following odds in the lines of two bookmaker’s offices – 1.55 for the victory of the first tennis player and 3.0 for the victory of the second one. Substitute the values in the formula: 1/1.55 + 3.0 = 0.978. In this case the “fork”, though small (only 2,2% of the total amount), but there is, arbitrage bet can be placed. It is simply necessary to calculate the amounts of bets so as to obtain a guaranteed profit. This can be done manually, or you can use a “wick” calculator, which is not difficult to find on the network.

Programs for making money on bets

The “wiggle” calculator is a kind of software for sports betting. This is a simple program that can be made with minimal programming knowledge and skills. But there are more advanced assistants for bettors, which are able to find “forks” in the lines of bookmakers – “forks” scanners.

Writing such a program is difficult and expensive to buy, but there are many online resources that provide access to specialized software and the results of its work for a modest fee. Sites such as Surebet and similar offer many arbitrage betting sites that regularly find “wilt” scanners developed by the programmers of these portals.

Earnings from soccer betting

  • It is possible to earn money on soccer betting without “wickets” but it is still necessary to have extensive knowledge of sports, as well as use a betting strategy and advanced statistics on sporting events. The optimal variant of making money on bets in bookmakers’ offices is the search for underestimated teams, overestimated quotations, the method of value betting.
  • Bookmaker offices use for calculating the probabilities of sports events (and the odds in the line reflect them) complex algorithms that take into account a lot of factors. But often the odds in the line begin to change after they have been set, under the influence of massive bets on the favorite or other things that bookmakers can not take into account.
  • In addition, bookmakers meticulously calculate the probabilities at matches of the top European soccer championships, the Champions League and the Europa League, matches of the NBA, the NHL and the KHL. At various exotic championships can give average odds that do not reflect the real spread of the match. If you learn any championship or team better than the bookmakers, you can play and be in the black. You can catch a “tasty” odds or a bet that will win, and on several matches in a row, on the small markets.

Strategies of earning on bets

For a professional approach to betting on sports, it is recommended to use betting strategies, both well-known and classic, and developed independently. Strategies help to develop discipline, correctly manage finances within the playing pot and perceive losses as an integral part of the gambling process.

Game strategies

There are a number of varieties of gambling strategies that help you make money from betting through the correct application of a single method of play. For example, this could be a strategy for betting on game totals in tennis, a strategy for betting on quarters in basketball, or finding result matches in soccer.

Financial Strategies

Financial strategies came into the world of sports betting from the casino and help you manage your bank more wisely. Of the well-known financial strategies for earning money on bets, we will highlight the Kelly criterion, Dalembert strategies, Martingale.


Do not look for easy money in sports betting. Getting a stable income here is just as difficult as at the financial exchange or in other activities associated with increased financial risk. The temptation to earn “doing nothing” is great, but in sports betting it is impossible, because professional approach to earning on bets involves laborious work with statistics or “fork” scanners, and unprofessional approach leads to regular losses.

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